Secrets of Making Friends

October 16, 2012   

A Reddit user gives serious advice on friendship, it stuck with me because i have learnt all this lessons the hard way.

Do you want a lot of close friends who genuinely care about you? Here’s my secret:
Be kind. Ask questions. Don’t wait to talk but actually listen. If someone offers you a glass of water say yes; it feels good to do things for people. If you are in social situation where people don’t really know each other break the ice with something fun. Be well informed but only to reply, not to just spout out facts. Call a friend out of the blue and see how they are doing. If you are speaking with someone and you have started three straight sentences with “I” that is one too many.
But most importantly do not be negative. The world has enough sarcastic and/or negative people. Be stoic when needed and warm when needed but remember that everyone needs a little light sometimes and you can be the person that brings that to them.
best (simple) life advice

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