Going Nuts in Brazil

August 2, 2016   

More trouble in the operating theatre, I’m afraid.

Surgical readers may sometimes get irritated with their anaesthetists but at least they don’t usually follow the example of top Brazilian general surgeon Dr. Marcelino Da Silva.

Senor Da Silva was taking out an appendix in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro when he began arguing loudly with Dr Barcelos, who was gassing for him.

The subject of the dispute was, of course, the fee for the procedure. Tempers flared and eventually the 60-year-old Da Silva pulled out a pistol from under his operating gown and shot the anestesiologist. Throwing down the gun, he then fled the theatre.

Interns and residents tried to save poor Dr Barcelos, but, I’m afraid, in vain.

While all this was going on, the patient inevitably woke up, had a look at the situation, and fainted onto the floor.

If Dr Da Silva ends up being executed, this could turn into an operation with quite a high mortality.

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