2013 - Year In Review

December 30, 2013   

You have probably seen and grow tired of the end-of-year best-of lists by now, from movies to photographs and everything in between, even cats do make up the list. Honestly some of the posts are great to read while others are just link-bait – posts that grab attention and encourage people to share something that return no value to the reader. I hope this post doesn’t turn out to be the same because I’m writing this post to remember what happened in 2013 that I will go on to refer back.

The Good

A lot of good things happened this year, both personally and professionally. Professionally, I am on my way to becoming a doctor, the last 6 months has been an eye opener working in a fast-paced clinical environment where you go from an elated student who knows everything to a clueless one in a matter of seconds. It seems I have learned more in the last 6 months than I did in my last four years of medical school. Personally, I started working out again, become a healthy eater, read more books than the previous year, and moved this website into a new VPS.
Manchester United, a club I support, have won the 20th league and Sir Alex Ferguson, 26 years at the helm, have retired while on top.

Kenya has held its first General Election since 2010 Constitution of Kenya and the 2007 General Election which was ugly and deadly. Luckily this time, the few groans and moans that came out after the results has been resolved in a court of Law.
Finally, Xi Jinping became president of China.

The Bad

Where do I start. There are more wars – South Sudan, Central Africa Republic, countries are renewing old animosities – China and Japan. Nelson Mandela, a symbol of hope and inspiration has died. Typhoon Haiyan which was one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record, at 315 km/h hits the Philippines and Vietnam, causing devastation with at least 6,150 confirmed dead and 1,785 others missing.

The Ugly

The Boston Marathon bombing in which 3 innocent lives were lost and injuring 264 others. The Nairobi West Gate shopping mall attack by Al-Shabab killing at least 62 civilians and wounding over 170 others.
Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad killed hundreds and afflict thousands others in an alleged chemical attack on innocent civilians in the Syrians Civil war, a war that claimed almost 150,000 lives according to various estimates with over 5 million internally displaced people and over 3 million in refugee camps in neighboring countries.


Best Book Read: Sir Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography
Best Movie Watched: The Great Gatsby or Rush.
Best TV Show Watched: The Good Guys
Best Sport Game Watched: Game 7 of NBA Finals.
Best iOS App: Foxit PDF
Best Web App: Baidu Wang Pan: Dropbox clone with massive 2TB storage.

Here is to a happy and prosperous 2014.

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